Hi, my name is JP Maldonado.  I’m the founder and producer of YogaTX.  This page is here to offer a chance for you to learn a little more about me, and reach me if you’re a yoga instructor who is interested in being featured on YogaTX, or if you would like consultation on starting your own YouTube channel.


My obsession with music and visual arts has ruled me since I was a kid.  And, after studying music for 4 years, the business world also began to become very intriguing when I found a job that I loved.  I saw that, the parallels between what make a good artist, and what makes a successful entrepreneur, are SO close, its often hard not to be both.  And, after more studying and working, I KNEW that I was meant to create…but, also wanted to work for myself.

My first YouTube channel, musicschoolprep, was created in 2011, and is a little channel where I summarized to entering music majors, what they will be learning throughout their first year in their music theory classes.  The channel is still published, but did not go very far…however, I had become a YouTube partner, had made a few bucks off of my videos, and most importantly, had the opportunity to realize the scope the YouTube platform has to offer.

After a couple years of working at advertising/marketing production companies and YouTube channels as a video editor and production manager, I decided to see if I could re-explore the film and YouTube world.  In 2013, after some more independent research and planning, I created YogaTX.

Creating is my everything.  I am always looking to work with other hard working, passionate, artists.

If you’re a Yoga Instructor who would like to learn more about becoming a featured instructor on the channel, please click here.

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