Hi, are you an experienced Yoga Instructor looking for additional streams of income?  Or, an experienced Yoga Instructor looking for an entirely NEW stream of income and an opportunity of earning residuals, & financial freedom?  Ever wish you had your own YouTube presence but hate editing, don’t have the filming equipment or space, or wouldn’t know how to begin marketing yourself? 

We may be able to help.  YogaTX is a collaborative effort of experienced yoga instructors, a video production team, and an SEO specialist. 

A lot of work goes into making videos, and even more work goes into keeping a channel on YouTube profitable because of the time it takes to GROW an audience.  But, since our team is backed with years of experience working in video production teams, and popular YouTube channels directly, we were able to find a simplified format and very efficient work flow that gives our instructors an opportunity to earn residuals, become co-producers to their videos, and keep our filming process as, “flow-and-go” as possible for instructors.  If you have a great 28 minute flow, it literally takes 28 minutes for us to capture it.  You don’t have to worry about finding a studio, finding videographers, editors, marketers, distribution, SEO, designing custom thumbnails, annotations, or any other aspect it takes to keep a successful YouTube channel earning. 

Our mission statement at YogaTX is to provide the best yoga videos on the internet.  We plan on doing this by producing videos at the best possible quality, AND featuring the best yoga instructors we can find. 

If you’re not in Austin, TX, but know this is the opportunity FOR YOU, please feel free to email us anyway.  There is a chance we may be able to help with lodging if you could afford travel to our studio in Austin, TX. 

Please send any online presence you and your healing brand may already be utilizing; YouTube videos, Facebook Fan Pages, IG, Tumblr account links, resume, and a little about yourself to yogaworldtx@gmail.com.  Please subject the email: NEW TALENT.