YogaTX - Yoga School in Rishikesh (RYS200, RYS300, RYS500)

YogaTX is exceptional in its approach to spreading yoga exercises worldwide. Thus, it becomes our moral right and responsibility to extend our yoga services for people's health.

Our Mission and Vision

We live in a lot of material happiness, at the point when individuals negotiate with their well-being and are eager to attain a ton of cash. Instead, we prefer the rodent race and make our life full of uneasiness, stress, sorrow, disease, and expert issues. Some individuals get medical treatment for health issues; however, they don’t promise work for a long time. Yoga is one of a kind and solid activity for physical and mental issue treatment. YogaTX offers professional instructor-led training and yoga class program for individuals who want to get well-being benefits from yoga. When individuals learn at YogaTX, they can train in some fundamental, traditional, simple, and authentic yoga styles. Examples are pranayama, asana, stress management, meditation, and detox treatment. Yoga is a creative activity for individuals who want to eliminate disease and anxiety levels.

YogaTX instructs people to enhance their understanding of yoga. YogaTX teaches to learn and do exploration, experience, wisdom and incorporate all-encompassing tasks for wellbeing. YogaTX brings out people as essential individuals, proficient, supernatural masters with sublime yoga styles, such as raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, karma yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

What makes us Unique?

1. Trusted and demonstrated yogic qualities and standards guide us through all periods of our business.

2. All our educators are expert yogis themselves. Information about yoga must be picked up by individual practice called SADHANA; this is one thing all our educators vouch for and strive to keep up through the good and bad times in life.

3. All our educators are exceptionally proficient and prepared in how to TEACH alongside a solid understanding of the practice, its life systems, physiology and right application. YogaTX’s guideline educators’ direction and expansive yoga asset help the instructors develop in information and experience.

4. Our instructors are redesigned with new patterns in advanced yoga through workshops and through visitor educators going by us from over the world.

5. Our globally accomplished rule instructor program the whole calendar and aide yoga educators to be the best.

6. Yoga Retreat emphatically puts stock in the incorporation of Ayurveda and yoga for the best comes about. Our decently qualified yoga advocates will bail you evaluate the best sort of yoga, the right recurrence and the best eating methodology and lifestyle changes.

7. Professionals have opportunity to pick openings that suit them best. Our advocates and educators invest additional exertion to urge specialists to be standard and never squander sessions that they have paid for.

The TTC is an interesting, significantly changing and individual encounter that is focused around the old gurukula showing framework which coordinates the understudy’s day by day life into the yoga preparing. For four serious weeks of ashram living, understudies reinforce their own particular yoga drill through control toward oneself and consciousness of the way of psyche, body and soul. They likewise assemble a firm establishment from which to show others instinctually and certainly.

The TTC gives an incredible chance to stir or extend your yoga practice, meet old and new companions, and to be a piece of the worldwide yoga group which is developing every day. The best piece of all is discovering that all that we need is as of now inside us and how the practices can lead us into getting to our blessings and excellence from the back to front. The experience gives an incredible approach to discover durable satisfaction, peace and the capability to impart the yogic lifestyle to others.

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